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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fenugreek, Fabaceae

Fenugreek is an herb I started using because of its reputation for the use in diabetes and find it’s very valuable to blood sugars to keep them lower, and doubles for me because of its diuretic effect, high blood sugars causes frequent urination's, ( add to Fenugreek to Licorice Root to slow down this effect.)
My blood sugars are always better in the morning if I use Fenugreek right before retiring for the night. It has a laxative effect so I can't use it during the day with 3 feet of colon missing.
I've gotten this herb mixed up with Flaxseed oil before. They are two different herbs.  I personally don't believe in all the oil propaganda, just a gut feeling.
An egg is an egg and it doesn't matter what or where it  come from and through, all seed oil is better if organically grown, of course, as seeds kill fungi. As long as it an organic hen, duck, goose, etc. True some are more rich in nutrients than the other because we bred anemic, polluted, sick eggs, chicks, fowls to bird flu. That's why we're have a epidemic of sicknesses from foods.
Any herb has to be able to kill the diabetes's parasite and this one will, but non has the ability to add in nutrient's when it's missing.
This year in the news they had advertise nutrients not found in baby gummy vitamins. (Horrifies me to know what these wicked cooperation's get away with.)

It is also on warning labels to most diabetic drugs, its side effect is known to lowering blood sugar. Which is rather funny if you think about it? Isn’t that why you’re taking the diabetic drugs or insulin in the first place?

The best part used, as for any plant, is it's seeds. Indians liked the fresh leaves eaten as a vegetable. The plant has a taste similar to spinach. It is a member of the legume family and used in meats and vegetables.

Some uses: diabetes, high soluble fiber content, which helps to control blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. Because of this and most oil content slows down the absorption and digestion and of carbohydrates.

 Fenugreek contains a substance that helps to control blood sugar levels and increased insulin production.
To help your diabetes symptoms, try taking 2.5 g of Fenugreek with each of your meals, a couple of times a day. Caution would be at first, don’t take Fenugreek at night till you are familiar with how low with what your already taking is your blood sugar coming down first.

Its seeds and leaves are anticholesterolemic, anti-inflammatory, anti tumor, carminative, demulcent, deobstruent, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, galactogogue, hypoglycaemic, laxative, parasiticide, restorative and uterine tonic.
 All seed are parasiticides. unless altered by man. GMO altered plant.
Lower cholesterol, if taken faithfully as cholesterol lowering drugs.
Take the Fenugreek Oil for your daily Omega's especially for those who should use caution when injecting fish oil.

The cautions are, not before surgeries, (thins blood), and not during pregnancy in higher other than normal doses. It is not to be taken with anticoagulants (blood thinners), antipletalet drugs, with pain relievers, or with bitter melon, Ginkgo Bilbo and garlic herbs. Please, always research your new herb and consider the source.
If this herb for diabetes has not worked for you in the past, try the correct dosage and getting it from an organic source.

It works with cinnamon but not Cassia Bark, which, is not a good variety for diabetics, which may increase appetite as they've used this herb on bulimics.

I've cut my insulin units down by 60 units a day and, my Ac blood levels down 14-6.7, but still take some insulin. This happen after increasing my liver herbs (in my posts) which is a must to get the blood more clean. I did increase too, this my dosage was wrong and didn't add this information to my former posts....along with turmeric, and, yes a pretty good diet. I'm very heavy. What I've found with more "mass" increase the herb (sometimes?)
This is all uncharted territory so we will have to listen to the spirit. This all may not be the same for you; I don't know?
Fenugreek seed is a good product, it also comes in a extract which can be more powerful.

Fenugreek may help with;

Lung disorders
Stomach ulcers
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Intestinal gas
Stomach disorders

Supports organs and systems;

Reproductive system
Respiratory system
Digestive system

Nutrients found in Fenugreek;


Notes about Fenugreek*:

*Pregnant women should avoid Fenugreek.
*A new insulin is Victoza,,,(more for insulin resistant where insulin always has a hard time getting into a protein cells, (This process makes the body work harder) It's the eating of protein for some that makes them more insulin resistant. This seem to give them the enzyme needed for the protein to the cells ; and, its a fat (omega), which slows it down in the intestine and stomach. As fat would do and is an advantage for diabetic. It does not work like insulin's at all. Maybe we should be trying more enzymes (Young Living the best enzyme product on the market but too expensive but I'm going back on.)

These comments are just hypothesise of mine. Victoza has warning of tumors (especially thyroid) because this product is not natural. If a herb on the market or lets say, the enzyme of Young Living, Utah, said it might cause tumors in would be kicked off the market and this herb business shut down, pronto.
Yes, fibrous foods will help, however, I have gotten carried away by not adding too much fiber and in return leg and muscle cramp have been cut.
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