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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Fact are; To rid the body of parasite, fungus, worms, etc., will rid the body of disease. This is the page to start understanding your real foe. Each of these are in families, and need to be research and studied more. A few are listed below however, newer ones are coming from antibiotic's and growing as they adapt to their environments. We've evolved and so do parasites. Stop more mutations by not using antibiotic's drugs, unless you don't know what else to do or get in situations where it's too late...and, one's to ignorant to do anything else. Most fit here. That's what my writings are about, to educate the family to conquer disease with home-simple remedies.
Discourage Parasite formulas; There are many such formulas as there are plants to get rid of them. Most of these will give the reader clues on how to make up their own and to have on hand for protection. These are methods recipes and some of the ingredients can be substituted where ever necessary. This will be an on going life project. More for some than others depending on your way of eating, drinking, life environmental conditions. Some we can do nothing about. To be forward, is to be for armed, prepared, and not live in fear.
1 part Cinnamon oil
1 part Tree Tree oil
1 part Eucalyptus oil
Mix with 3 parts Almond oil
Take 4 drops once a day
NUMBER TWO;Worms, fungus scavenger don't like Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, organic) Dose; one to two teaspoons in a glass of water or juice. Don't forget to make your own salad dressing with ACV. The following is a stronger brew;
1 part apple cider vinegar
2 parts apple juice
1 part apple brandy
Dose is one tablespoon every day diluted in water
Another old remedy is to boil a small handful of mulberry twigs in white grape juice etc. (Take 2 tbls. Every day.
Another is to soak white figs in water overnight. The next morning add water then to your cereal.
Also; Rub sassafrass oil (2 drops) on the soles of each foot 2 times a week.
Take 1 drop of oil of Wintergreen with a little honey or Agave every other day.
Pumpkin seeds (or, oil) are known to keep worms away. (L. Tryptophane)
Garlic as a worm destroyer, use the strongest oil capsules for your animals.
Mix 4 parts ground psyllium seeds
1 part Diatomaceous (earth clay)
Take one rounded teaspoon every day for rebuilding and to destroy worms.
In an epidemic of any kind protect yourselves with 1 tablespoon vinegar and 3 tablespoons water. Moisten washcloth and go over the body after cleansing with soap. Soap is alkaline, and vinegar is acid which gives you protection against infection and parasitic influences. (flue i.e.)
These four, 1 tbs. Each (combine) the following
Juice of freshly pressed juiced apples (organic if possible)
Cider aged past seven days
Apple Vinegar; tart and brown (mother in it a plus)
Apple Brandy, (clear and strong)
Ounce of honey
One scant drop of wintergreen
Stir-them; warm the ingredients up, and mix them will,
Take the tonic every day at dawn
Singing: Now I stay well
Taken from Chief Two Tree, MD from N. Carolina in his magazine.
Specifically for Blood Flukes and i.e. parasites
Homeopathic: “Blood Flukes” 15 drops 3 x daily (To rebuild after the invasion of Blood Flukes take Silica and Collinsonia Root.)
Flukes formula: Milkweed, Pennyroyal, Black Walnut Hull
Blood Flukes are tiny flat worms and effect the health of the blood cells. (Blood Clots, heart suffers, bone marrow etc. They release a proteolytic enzyme that destroys the globin in the blood., and are known to take certain amino acids, especially arginine, from the host causing protein imbalances.
FOR ALL TAPE WORMS, and Bladder Worms
PUMPKIN SEED, GARLIC, CRAMP BARK, CAPSICUM, AND THYME (The Rascal formula) 4 caps, three times daily
Bladder worms: 4 oz. Black Walnut Hull, 2 oz. Sassafras and 2 oz. Pine needles (Make a tea and drink three 8 ounce cups daily.
NUMBER 6: Amoeba is a single celled microscopic organism and can form cyst. Cortisone and other drug therapy can provoke the infection. They can cause small ulcers and enter the bloodstream to reach all organs.
Homeopathic “Amoeba” 15 drops 3 x a day. If it reaches the liver use the herbal combination of Goldenrod, Goldenseal Root and Cloves.
If in the water: chlorination will not kill the cysts, or entamoeba gingivalis.
Use the Mulberry twigs boiled in Grape Juice above 4 ounces 3 x daily (Children 1 tbs. Several times a day and hold it in their mouth before swallowing for 1 wk.
In India to keep this under control by using Jasmine Tea (is a semi-fermented black tea call “oolong” and jasmine flowers are added. Without this national drink, amoeba would have destroyed this country by now.
NUMBER Seven; Trichomonas Vaginalis
This parasite live in the vagina and urinary tracks and prostrate, seminal vesicles of males
It can be transmitted through sexual contact or clothing. A prolonged infection may cause damage to the reproductive and urinary tissues.
Homeopathic 15 drop 3 x daily, Marshmallow Root tincture or tea
To repair blocked female tubes rub a few drops of lemon oil over pelvic area twice a day for 3 weeks.
NUMBER Eight; Cryptosporidium Parasite
This tiny parasite has become immune to chlorine, and had infested 50% of San Francisco, Milwaukees, and New Yourk's drink water. The eggs are so small they slip through their testing pocess. It give flue like symptoms.
Yellow Dock, Black Walnut and Cloves combination
NUMBER Nine; Toxoplasmosis is a scavenger that can make you depressed. Come in animal, most have been exposed to this parasite. It preys on people with low immune symptoms. Brain, liver, heart and eyes can be damaged. It can cause Hodgkins, Leukemia, Heart problems, blindness, pneumonia and blood sugar problems. Every disease has it's parasite, some of the methods to kill them cross over to another worm-germ-bacteria-viral- etc. and its cure.
Oil of Sassafras, 2 drops on the soles of the feet twice daily; also take a combination of lecithin (or, Fenugreek oil), licorice root, and anise.
Or, try pine oil, thyme oil, equal parts, 3 drops in apple juice 3 x daily.
Found in animal meat, pork especially, and will calcify and harden into cysts.
3 drops of Oil of Wintergreen in 1 teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses, 2 x daily for 3 months. After nine months you need to destroy the calcium cyst. Take Magnesium Oxide tablets: 3 tablets twice daily for 3 month. (If you eat pork again, do over as they will hatch out again.) (H1N1 flu, Bird flu, Mad Cow diseases etc.)

It's transmitted the bite of a mosquito.
Use: Pine oil and or Wintergreen oil
or, the Wormwood combination: Black Walnut leaves, Wormwood, Cloves, Quassia, Male Fern 2 Capsules 3 times daily before meals.
NUMBER 12; PINWORMS (Most common roundworm in US, and a major problem for children. If your child has them treat the whole family yearly.
Use: Homeopathic 15 drops, 3 times daily “THREAD WORM.”
Take two cloves of garlic, mashed thoroughly, boil in 6 ounces of milk, let cool and strain. Prepare an enema, inject 4 ounces of this milk into the rectum. Do this 3 nights in a row. Wait 7 days and repeat.
Do “Cina” homeopathic for children.
NUMBER 13; Toxocara Worm
An intestinal round worm of cats and dogs although humans may be the host.
Try the Wormwood Combination ( Black Walnut Leaves, Wormwood Quassia, Cloves and Male Fern), 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals.
NUMBER 14; Whip worm (common parasite, especially in children.) Fruit and Vegetables are prone to this parasite.
Homeopathic, “Whipworm”
15 drops, 3 x daily or “Dioxin,” dosage the same
These worms often lump together and make tumors and maybe mistaken for the fungus tumors.
All types of cancer's are afflicted with worms but they don't always make tumors.
NUMBER 14; HOOKWORM; Is noted by blood loss, anemia, mentally slow, weak, lazy. and malnutrition and may be have traveled through fruit, vegetables, soil, water, walking bare footed.
Homeopathic “Hookworm” 15 drops 3 times daily
Thye Tea (2 cups strong thyme teas followed by a dose of Epson Salt. Take Epson salt half hour after the thyme tea.
Older Folk Remedy: Male Fern, Eucalyptus,
Condurango Bark, Acacia Bark, Oil of Peppermint
Also try the Wormwood combination.
NUMBER 15; Common around the world in warmer climates.
Worm wood combination
Give as much garlic as they can stand, then 2 days later a laxative. Have them sit in milk, when the worm smell the milk they will crawl out. Remain in the warm bath for about 1 hr. until all the worms are out. Take a book...
Dr. Bingham MD author of the book Fight Back Against Arthritis goes into more ''PROTOZONA” parasite.
Foods that prevent us from parasitical infestations are: Cranberry Juice, Lemons, pumpkin seeds, Calmyrna Figs (it's the tiny seeds that tear into the worm), Garlic, ACV, Pomegranates. Most organic seeds, green plants and herbs have anti-fungal properties in their DNS that protect them in turn when we ingest them its pass onto its hosts. Remember if not organically grown it may not be a good wormier. Try, Walnut leaves, Cramp Bark, Capsicum, Thyme.
In the Wormwood Combination, is Black Walnut leaves, Wormwood, Quassia, Cloves, and Male Fern. Wormwood part 2 is 1 part Sage and 3 part Capsicum.
A Bladder Worm Combination is Black Walnut Sassafras and Pine Needles. Etc.
(The spokes or lines coming from the center of the black pupil are markings that show where parasites have dug in for a long time. (spokes, or radial lines) When the area it represents in the iris has healed by an herb it will began to turn into a burrow or, wide ditch, then narrow and dissapear altogether. It may take a long time for some remedy's. However, this is your sign the herb formula is working. If not try another herb.) This is an old art of healing and always works.
* Note in the photo how the lines (=parasite conditions) are holding onto brown (chronic) mucus matter. This matter (toxins) are the food these parasites are living on and in which can't be removed until the parasites are gone.
* The clear circles on top of it all are "nerve rings." This maybe a diabetic iris because all three conditions are here and chronic. In both photo's the eyes are blue... Below is another example of chronic conditions of investations of parasites (Yeast's holding on and thriving on the mucus (white, acid condititons from their toxins) Note: all yeast or other parasites show up in spokes, only the degenerate, chronic diseased tissues. The acute (now-today's) conditions will be white in a blue eye and yellow to brown in a brown iris. Weight comes from parasite, yeast. Get rid of the yeast the easier the weight-loss
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