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Friday, November 11, 2011


Chronic Arthritis (part 2)
*Other Herbals: Marsh mellow Root (The herb for the acid when in pain), Yellow dock, Milk thistle for the liver or Turmeric for inflammations and there are many other good herbs. Acids in any foods can be followed by pain. (Slippery Elm, Broken Cell Chlorella, many their are many other Cox 2 products, Chanca Piedra, Comfrey root, for pain and baking soda.) These are the one's I've used after weeding through many other that were too costly for what the end results turned out. These were just as good and cheaper.
Add plant protein instead of animal

*Sugars: The other real problems is Aspartame, fructose or high corn syrups (fake sugars i.e.) causes inflammations. If you are taking any of these product close this page. I cannot help you nor can anyone else. It’s that simple. Write down what sugars you are taking and only take one type at a time. Fructose, corn syrup and diet sugars will cause acute pain and makes body acid because of the large amount of fruit involved. It’s too concentrated and too harsh for diabetic and arthritic condition. 
Fruit makes the body eliminate faster than vegetables or proteins. This faster elimination will be a big problem here. Some may not be able to handle fruit juices at all. Some my mix them with a lot more vegetables that cushions the fruit or use them with organic complex whole grains. That’s what keeping a daily food journal is all about in aiding the findings of your acid food levels. It's best to eat fruit with a vegetable not alone.
Re: Gout: BBC News February 1, (Read...)
tart cherry juice

*Meat causes lots too much uri c acid, and it stops the process of eliminating, and adds the wrong kind of fat, parasites, chemicals and heavy metal from their fed and are sources all all diseases. If you are a meat eater make a note on the days you eat meat and the days you go without. This will show how your feeling, and what did it turning out to be a wiser guide than a doctors visit and less costly. Or, eat two meals without meat and one with meat, or etc., as this will allow some space to eliminate toxins.

*The tongue will have a coat of white when you’re eliminating the toxin from the liver and blood, notice this coating in the mornings or most especially when fasting.

*Add dill pickles in the morning (It's apple cider vinegar, kills parasites and get rid of the lactic acids) the runners and walkers know of this product. Just by adding a Tbs. of apple cider vinegar rids the body of the lactic acids build up in the muscles that cause stiffness and pain. Especially in the spring when you just starting up exercise. Or, just starts the day off with fresh lemonade sweetened with some pear juice.

*Cabbage Juice: Not only for cancer but raw cabbage juice relieves joint pain and swelling fast. It was an old poultice application for a cancer remedy of the breast. (...not heated, sour kraut)

Do exercise your muscles even if it’s yoga, or light weight lifting each day. Keep the circulation going even if it’s some sort of electric massage therapy, and heat lamps or an electric heat pad on your feet at night. Keeps that blood flowing to the area to mock a fever. A fever is nature’s way of adding heat to kill parasites.

A Vinegar or  a Clorox feet and leg soak and water to the area works wonders to killing parasites along with the pain.
· Watch your water intake making sure it clean and drinking lots of it instead of other liquids. This will dilute all poisons and toxins carrying them out of the body. If the urine is yellow, drink room temperature water not juices, teas, coffee, pops etc.
……………Post notes
The following is from examples of Arthritis remedies some of which I use like, (1)Wild Oregano or (2) ACV or vinegar with baking soda for parasites, Juices such as; (3) Apple Juice, Grape and, Pineapple Juice (4) Jell-O or (5) apple pectin for joints or the (7) Jell-O or/and (8) Glucosamin and Chondroitin’s, MSM however not from shellfish, and has to be of good quality and vegetable source not grown in yeast i.e. They’re lots of bad products formulating this product. If it don’t probably a bad brand. (8) Flax seed is the same as linseed oil for pain. (9) Epsom salt for the mineral magnesium, (10) Oil of Wild Oregano for parasite but this also must be of a good quality and all Oregano oil, (11) Oil Pulling, (12) Spirits of turpentine, (13) Magnets, (14) Cabbage plant family, (15) Sea Salt, (16) Ginger root (brings the ph. levels to normal) and Mint Tea, teas are mostly low in acids and brings the body back to alkaline or 7 ph. (17) Black strap Molasses, (18) Turmeric (blood purifier or liver herb), (19) Cayenne for pain and circulation, and the (20) Herb Cat’s Purr, (21) Solomon Seal Polygonatum spp, 22. Yucca Root Saponins, Another Key is to watch the uric acid levels of foods. Stick with chlorophyll foods. and other foods such as;
**Artichoke, Aged-odorless Garlic (allium sativum), and Use certified 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle a liver herb.
These sites are very helpful site to study: page
(Home page click here)
This OP remedy may be a helpful remedy for some.
The link for more Asthma herbal remedies Gout Research: Increases gout 85% says researchers: Think before using any “fake” chemical sugars!
How much do you really want to get rid of the pain?
Gout on fructose sugar. Too acid is also brought on
by diet and many medications.

Arthritis and pH balances to relieve pain: Lesson 18 - Acid - Alkaline Balance (too acid learn more about food and diet.)
Chamomile tea (teas) and Cherry extract will bring the body back to a normal Ph balance (Uric Acid levels.) Keep away from any soda beverages, because they are too acid.
If you cheat add two tums with the soda i.e. 
Also, Milk and Green foods will bring the body pH balance back to normal levels if not combine with meat, especially pork.
I don't want to over-whelm the arthritis patient with this post. I don't know where my readers are in this afflictions. This gives a complete view and some clues to start but no all at once just try something if it doesn't work try another.
* If the body is too acidty use a good organic milk...remember your beginnings. Too much about not using milk all depend on the milk and the animal it came from.
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