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Sunday, January 1, 2012


I've worked on these posts on food storages for a long time. No one to fit all exists. I have had plenty was awful. Lots depend on the camp your in so they're different kinds of storages, some of which I've used the scripture, "OIL IN YOUR LAMPS;" YOUR now FOR-WARNED" AFTER READING THIS POST YOU ARE NOW FORE-WARNED, THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF A YEARS SUPPLY OF FOOD STORAGE FOR YOUR PANTRY. Add suggestions in comment for other to learn from your experiences. This is not a commercials.
Preparing an Emergency "BULK" basic Food Supply Do you have oil in you Lamps? (This came from ...My older "Yatta, Yatta, Yatta" blog) I'VE MADE A FEW CHANGES.(Title) Food storage has been going on throughout history as long as we have record s. Ruins are uncovering clay pots with dried foods, like grains or plan sources, and/or preserved with wine for medications One example is the Masada ruins where they found stored food. This is a list of Basic Emergency BULK Food Supply about home food storage for any disasters adaptable for any country or people. I'VE HAD . PROFESSIONAL DRY FOOD STORAGE...NEVER AGAIN. SOME CAN BE HELPFUL BUT NOT ALL OF THE FOOD STORAGE.. Two year supplied of tasteless dried crap! Pick one gift for one member of your family or friends from this list to buy for your loved ones. They already have too many "THINGS." This is for the time of need which money can't buy tomorrow. You can't eat gold...and their maybe no food to buy... "…There is a law, (irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of the world, upon which all blessings are predicated-...And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated..." Before we came to earth their were laws set up to help us here...Their are old history books to laws that prepared us if we needed blessings from God and if we would be obedient to those laws... (Example: Constitution is one, laws of nature (environmental laws), dietary laws, spiritual laws etc.) ...if we would receive those blessings they will sustain us physically and spiritually forever. One example was shown in the bible was when the Lord told holy women (the good women) to be prepare, as he does today. But, half of these good women dropped the ball to his commandment...”store oil.” (allegorical) They didn't like we are doing the end even the good righteous women were left-locked out...(even) by the Lord. It wouldn't be fair to the obedient as for sharing because both would parish. There's a time and season to prepare and God always forewarns as they were instructed before hand. These hard times we all have been fore-warned and predicated of disaster coming...(read Revelation.) The righteous will be prepared AND NOT FEAR. Laying away gold is for the unwise investors of Wall Street who live on speculations and paper money. My family was one of those millionaires one unwise decision wipe it away for myself and my ex. Our health is reflective of obedience to our "laws of the nature. There are no exceptions made just for you or any member of your family when you are disobedient, no matter how holy you and your family are it will destroy you in the end.. We are never an exception to any temporal or spiritual laws. He would cease to be God if he favored you and let me or others die for the same sin. Bad health is still a sin as it was in the bible. I don't have time to explain this because my post is on FOOD STORAGE. Remember the were 10 virgins (meaning 10 righteous, virtuous women/men.) Five were obedient to God's law's and his FORE-warnings and five didn't heed the same law or warning which made them not prepared nor ready for your dreadful day.. Remember the five that were left out was done by their own laziness, carelessness, putting it off until the last day. Hard times are coming upon the righteous too. Are you ready? These five represent-ally will blame God not themselves as they will in the next life too. They can read the signs, but chooses to “live high on the hog. Tuesday, June 1, 2010 So, with this long introduction, I do feel a need for a sample post to a sample "frugal" food supplies needed to sustain life for only one year. We never know when our "Tsunami" will visit to be our trial or another crisis involving weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, or disastrous economics, sickness, or even unemployment that will affect our different circumstances. What's the predicted problem your area of the world? Study it out, pray for guidance,then prepare accordingly, he best you can afford. Have money set aside if banking accesses are gone. Think Now! (For some it's already too late.) To Be continued... (Introductory page one of two pages) 'WHEN A STUDENT IS READY A TEACHER WILL APPEAR'....Thanks for all your comments!

Please, feel free to add your own feelings in comments. 2002-11 IBSN-0100368574©-copyright 2006 by P T Sherman. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 'WHEN A STUDENT IS READY A TEACHER WILL APPEAR'.... MOTHER'S WITHOUT BOARDERS IS GROWING. THESE FOLKS THAT COLLECT MONEY I.E. DO NOT GET PAID FOR THEIR SERVICES TO THE POOR. There is a Doc. without boarders etc. on You Tube. Too many charities collect too much money for themselves. Operations and little parts goes to the actual charity; this includes foundations such as the  Cancer collected that is used mostly for hospitals, doctors benefits but, mostly for the pharmacy's company's and their drugs which in the most part don't work. Are they researching herbs and natural healing only to steal from nature, bleach it and claim its secrets for the riches care. Don't be fooled.
Thanks for all your comments! Please, feel free to add your own feelings in comments. 2002-11 IBSN-0100368574 ©-copyright 2006 by P T Sherman..ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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