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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cancer and the Parasites

This gets better in the end: Introduction of Ty Bollinger (eps 62) on Cancer
Lets get to one problem in cancer not addressed: IT'S BECOMING MORE POPULAR "the tapeworm diet"... I use this term "diet" liberally. I hope this will change many minds. It's not new idea. IT'S OUR WORMS THAT WILL GET US IN THE END, LIVING OFF OUR TOXIC DISEASES.
Part one animals

This post is also giving some advice from a excellent commenter use raise Dane's for removing a tapeworm from the dogs.

Then I added my 2 cents worth: commented at the end on "LIFE CYCLE OF PARASITES," and blood, liver parasites removal. It all seemed fitting... The parasites are doing their thing cleaning up our environment, your toxins and waste, then taking you back to nature. Then we repeat another "temporal" cycle with the adding new composting for the earth to live on.

These pictures are to show good organic foods can cure and, that my friends, is what the FDA (government-same animal) cannot control as they are trying to do today; For-in-stance as with locally grown foods, or milk i.e. sales This all cuts into their profits margin price indexes, commodities market, stocks and their marketering rackets.
By the way. just in case the youth didn't now, it is against the law to sell tape worms.

COMMENT OFF THE INTERNET: + please feel free to add onto this post.

Comment: I've battled with
Tapeworms for months. I bought a book to help my dogs with illness and worms, BUT lo and behold I also found a homemade recipe for tapeworms that not only works for dogs, but apparently can for people too. Makes sense, much of the herbs I give my dogs is what I use for myself for the same reasons.

I made this concoction in the wee hours of the morning today, ate a cup of it and a few hours later I had loads of larvae coming out. I never saw so much. I kept cleaning out today AND kept seeing tons of larvae too. Next I started to see baby tapeworms of which I had no idea what they looked like, until now.

For dogs this recipe takes two days. I’ve been at this less than 24 hours and seeing results, the latest being. Well, I don’t know what the heck it is, but I suspect it could be the head of a tapeworm. I saw the first one earlier today, and again this afternoon. It looks like a
Tapeworm body but has strings coming out from three sides of it. Could this be the heads now coming out? I wouldn’t be surprised. This process is fast and I notice it happens in stages...first larvae, and then baby tapeworms attached to the larvae, next body parts. What will I see tonight and tomorrow??!!
With all I have spent in money and agony since last summer, with all the different parasite and tapeworm cleanses I used, I think I found THE one. Although I have used herbal de-worm er for my dogs, they are getting this stuff right now too. I AM "bug" free me!

2 cups canned pumpkin
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/4 cup black strap molasses

That simple. Once you get past the first couple of bites, its not too bad actually. Since a great Dane takes 3/4 cup daily, I figured I may need to take at least 1 cup daily, although I did take two within the last 24 hours at this point. The woman who breeds Great Danes said she found it takes two days to expel the tapeworms. Could it be that easy.. Could I be that lucky??! I hope so; it’s been a long and painful journey, often feeling them in my back, head and neck.

If using for dogs, mix the ingredients together and then mix well into their food. Give once a day for two days. (Small dogs, 1 to 2 tablespoons, large dogs such as a Great Dane, 3/4 cup daily.)

If you look up these ingredients you will find a lot of health benefits, let alone it’s a great tapeworm exterminator that can cost you under $15. Expect to be going several times during the day and expect to see a lot of larvae which advances later to baby tapeworms, then tapeworm bodies, which I suspect some may be heads

*I would add some essential oil that kill parasite too???


Will keep you posted on results but I am already seeing more results with this than anything else I have bought and taken all of these months. Much money spent, much agony. It's been a horrid journey with those creepy things. I think it is soon to be far behind me. By the way, movement in back, neck and head is changing too. I plan to take a smaller amount after a few days, and will probably take small amount daily for a few months to make sure they're gone. It's been such a nightmare; I don’t want to go through this ever again. As you can guess, I am now vegan just to make sure I don’t ingest them. Keep my dogs cleaned out too and my household and I are bug free! By the way, it is suggested from this same article to use Rascal daily for dogs to keep tapeworms away. We'll all be on that for now on.
Once again, will keep you posted, Linda

RE: Dr. Becker "Real Food For Healthy Dogs and; Cats"

CIRCLE OF LIFE: PART 2 (Treat liver or blood, and clean out the parasites)

More on the Liver aspect of clearing out the parasites and keeping them at Bay.

The fly metamorphosis/cycle

Liver/blood: Elimination is such an ignored part of de-worming. If the dead worms can't be so easily expelled, they have their revenge on the damage done to us as a result of their toxic waste that leaves us with an over-burden and toxic poisoning of too much filth in the blood. You will feel badly, fatigue, and foggy until all of it is eliminated.

*Government sites claim that they have over 20,000 specimens of parasites known to be able to live in the human body. These large worms do a lot of damage, but the invisible ones that fill our cells, live in every tissue are the ones I see as the deadliest. So can one formula do it for all these specimens?

Parasites consume the oxygen we live on and smother us. All illnesses or diseases has it parasite. When the bugs are gone, the body returns to its normal pH which means the cells again have enough oxygen to function on a healthy scale. The healthy cells will be able to eradicate most parasites on their own due to the oxygen content. Most parasites are anaerobic.

Get rid of the parasite-from fungus/germ/bacteria/virus/ to disease is to change its metamorphosis stage. All may start out as one parasite but will adapt or change into stages or even adapt into another creature entirely to survive. Remember they too, give off and have negative energies, in their life cycles, live on filth and love sweets.

We need to get them at all stages, then disease will cease. However: note too, if any of these creatures are left they will find another spot to eat on…thus we see how surgeons can cut out the cancer, but the cancer will bloom in another weak area of the body. The parasites/eggs are still there and I believe a continual battle, some are killed, leaves, hatches, then life cycle returns. Most do not have that good of diet, and even if they do. The fact is all food, soil, water, air or environments are polluted today and these factors can’t battle for us anymore. We’ve become good sweet food for the parasite!

Tape worm of a cows cycle. It could be gotten from a pig
or what they've eaten too
 it all cycles and multiplies out the same way.
Just in case your haughty enough to think you will
not get a tapeworm from raw under cook or
poorly handled meat; what do they eat?

When we die it is a given our worms will decay OUR house we lived in. If we can defeat most of the parasites if we can keep up with keeping them at bay; we can cheat death longer, we can't win the battle, but we can LIVE WELL if we know how to kill them off as they come.

Most of this I've already reported on at earlier dates on my blogs.

He has new episode on cancer, but it keeps disappearing as will as other posts on cancer?


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