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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poke Root_Lymphatics

Herbals mentioned within posts are herbals already introduced. But, I feel a need, perhaps in this case, a caution may be in order, even though its a very good herb if used correctly, for the right purpose. I feel my student's are smart enough to do more research on any herb on posts, and should.
Poke Root, (Phytolacca Americana), an excellent liver herbal or alternative stimulating metabolism for the most part effect lymphatics enlargements of glands. (described as an alternative, (blood), throat, thyroid, sexual and, mammary glands, eczema, psoriasis or eczema and is used with other herbs such as Lobelia, Iris, etc. so not to use it in full strength. Phytolacca is broadly a purgative, and an emetic. Yellow Dock is another such herb, but a bit more gentle for some.
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) may also be beneficially treated with Poke root as one of the therapeutic agents. Use stronger liver herbs with Lobelia at all times, See parasite page, and don't forget to add building herbals like Chorellia. Look in the eye (iridology) and treat the named problems using an iridology chart, found in such books and HFS. This will treat your problems individually using what is seen there to corresponding herbals for that area. Do use a vegetarian plant base diet. Herbals are not the basic's “cure all.” It your life style, foods, ingesting chemical, and (drugs) that further weaken the immune system.
This is all because it's a blood purifying herbal and works on the cleaning of the liver. The root is the most active as an medicinal agent. Used in poultices in tumors and cancers. Read direction before doing this. it is sometimes used to burn off skin cancer. Very useful in Goiters with the combination with other herbs. In many immune problems use Yellow dock and goldenseal root (organic, first one for the blood, Poke root works too, and the second one is an antibotic. If you can tolerate Lobelia even in small abouts this herb; it will remove the toxins and/or poisions.) Only a suggestion; use with a mild form of a diet (plant based) to let out loose toxins. If too many escape too fast you'll feel ill.
Poke root's main constituents include triterpenoid saponins, alkaloid, resins, phytolacic acid, tannin, formic acid, fatty oil and sugar. A cell profiferator like Comfrey, both rejuvenates or rebuilds cells.
Its alkaloid constituents are fundamentally nitrogen containing molecules that have a marked effect on animal and human physiology in varying roles from pain killer to poison to conscious expander. Tannins have the effect of precipitating, or curdling, protein molecules producing a sort of leather coat on the surface of the tissue in question. Little documented evidence exists as to the specific beneficial role of phytolacic acid.
The berries are used for arthritis in combination with magnolia cones, yucca and bears foot. It's reported to reduce obesity, anemia with Polmnia uvedalia (Bearsfoot) and Yellow dock. All are blood builders. If reaction of dryness of mouth is experienced it means you are at the maximum dosage. (Do cut back if necessary, and that goes for any herb)
When used as an alternative, the following prescription has been recommended: Fluid extract of Phytolacca (2 oz, Gentian (1 oz), and Dandelion (1 oz) with simple syrup to make a pint. One teaspoonful may be taken after each meal.
External application, 3 oz. of Poke root and 1 oz of tincture used in the strength of 1 tablespoon to 3 pints of tepid water for bathing the part. YouTube has a video on this herb
Poke root is considered an emetic, the dosage required to bring about this effect is so close to the dangerous toxic level that its use as an emetic is not recommended. In the lower animals, convulsion and death from paralysis or respiration may be caused. Overdoses may produce considerable vomiting and purging, prostration, convulsions and death. This is an herb to be respected and not treated lightly.
For more warnings;
*They lymphatic system in this over acidity, mucus iris, (white spots), is located at the edge of the skin line which is on outside of the iris. Sometimes called the rosary, which are the white circles inside the the 7th zone (skin) of the eye. If this rosary appears in your eyes, disregard naming the disease, and just go for blood purify herbals, Cancer, parasite and liver herbs all clean and purify the blood. Find one that changes this (gets smaller, lighter in color and then gone) in a period of 3 mo. If not changing...try another herb. No guarantee's come if your eating too much meat, the pollution it too much for this persons body and protein will stop the elimination of the lymph's (blood diseases.) The texture of this persons iris show she's too frail for recuperation at this point. And, this is a sample of how I work with the herbal, plant based diet, fast, exercises along to assist is Iridology. (Another one of history's mystery's)
* There's very bad Iridologist out there, because they do not know how the body works and how to heal it with herbals and diet. Test them out, if they can't change markings in the eye go to another gifted one....Some ducks don't have an obvious "quack." Listen closely with your spirit as it communicates from the body to the mind.
Note: The most potent herbs are in the organically grown root (some have to be 3-7 yrs old,) or once it flowers the values go to the flowers or seeds. Next, you need to know the organically grown "bitter" herbs are nature's best for blood purifiers. Nature has a way of telling you by their bitterness. Their are many references to blood purifiers in history (Scripture) seem to be the oldest mentions. (I know this simple remedy is great for any pain...)

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