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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Inorganic Butter or Organic Margarine?

Before You Spread~Inorganic Butter?
It's all about Organic Margarine vs. inorganic Butter so be care about discerning animal (fat) butter over margarine. Huge cow, utters and milk (dairy) are being made by induced chemical rbgh, a GMO growth hormone, to produce more. (More hormones is meant to produce more milk). These cow and other animals are full of these "fat hormones" to making cows give more milk as in pregnancy and are stored in their fat and fat in milk. Fat is where, animal or man, the chemicals, pesticides, and drug are stored. (So, Organic butter would be better than a butter where all the chemicals, anti biotic's are stored in animal and you too)
The hormones will transfer to your body and give you the same sensations as if you’re pregnant like when producing milk. Then its storage in your adipose because that’s where all chemicals, antibiotics or drugs, pesticides go first after going through the liver i.e. routing. Nature is good to us by storing these
*(1) drugs, chemicals (posilac), and pesticides (in feed) within your fat where ever possible. These drugs stored in their fat and here's the key to understanding how through butter its transfer to you. In some bodies, there are problems with this route because they don’t store fat that easily.
*(1) All 3 of these drugs, antibiotics, chemicals, or pesticides are all just variants for the term "drugs" ...all the same thing, its just refined more with drugs. If you’re overweight, it maybe a blessing in disguised for its nature’s way of saving your life rather than trying to add these poisonous toxins to a healthy or to attach it in inherent weak liaisons inside body tissues. However sometimes it has no choice depending on the constitution of the body involved.
 When studying iridology I began to notice these drugs in "markings" IN the irises. See samples of the seventh zones on the sides of this page... where drugs are stored in the fat skin...and in animals. (7th zones is the skin lymph i.s.) Don't buy any product with today's US corn, soy, or cottonseed oils in them. Read why here.
These days, some say; butter is not necessarily better than margarine if coming from a drugged cow. It’s going to make you fat by ingesting hormones not necessarily by the fat butter in itself. (Where's the veg. fat coming from? ...Sprayed organic or inorganic) best site on butter. It has 10 reasons to eat butter.

So, eat butter only if you know the cow or what it was fed, water-organically grown grain, grass i.e. or organic plants sources. This is why organic products cost more and why you should look first locally or grow something on your own. I know I have over-killed the message here but I am trying to get you the idea. It may be very important to your family’s health. Butter (animal product) when altered is not NATURAL anymore. (Omega oils)
Insist on eating only organically grown butter not from just any dairy product no matter what the dairy association sales pitches come out with. When it hit their pockets, they will whine and come out with their own statistics. They usually do, so, don’t feel sorry for them because now they have to” pay the piper" for their crooked way from moving away from nature in the first place.

Some could buy into a cow co-op or, half a cow and with another family produce your own milk. We raised goats, (is less polluted) which requires small spaces to graze in. Goat is cheaper to raise and the milk has smaller proteins was more near to mother’s milk. Get a good book and do research. If it has a funny taste to it was not handle correctly and chilled fast. This milk has to be milk with good sanitary habits and cooled down fast so bacteria do not move in.
Goat milk is not yet so much prevalent to so much pollution. If in you area and finances allow there are even smaller animal for our small children that are not huge like the cow in nature not so polluted or poisoned by man's greed. I raised goats and the dairy is most important. Be selective for this milk has to be chilled FAST, no plastic containers and no smell. The milk is only then sweet and no after taste.

Margarine varies on quality but many companies are coming out being made from organically grown plant in a good mono oil sources. Usually, this comes from health food stores. Buy only the ones with no trans fats having the most three or six omega’s and mono oils and from a pro biotic like buttermilk and yogurt. (Live cultures) I prefer organic margarine than to inorganic butters or when I want to cut down on dairy/meats and for baking. Yes, margarine's have preservatives, chemicals, pesticides or inorganic materials but, ‘hidden’ within its fat, as thus explained. But so does inorganic butter/animal fat. You’re getting chemicals in both… Most of our food supply today is poisonous to our health as these pollutants and drugs build up in our own fat or causes cancer and other illnesses. The most we can do sometimes is just to cut back how or where we can. But, margarine's have no fat hormones if you can find them otherwise use raw olive oil.
Just weigh carefully all the facts and be wise in choosing margarine vs. butter for your breakfast. For some might chose it not so often like special occasions such as the holidays or maybe for some they don’t need the extra hormones or weight and avoid it altogether? Margarine's are accused of being plastic yadda, yadda, yadda but was that data published and supplied by the dairy farmers?
*A good substitute for butter is Walnut oil.
Support label laws so we know their GMO oils, which is why they don't want you to know. Most will not buy them. The facts are in: US soy and corn is all GMO's unless otherwise noted on the packages. They tried to polute our all of the wheat but got stuck down, however some wheat is bad too if not grown organically.
The health food stores in our future will have actually have a harder time staying into business because super markets are seeing where and what we’re all buy and go where our money is heading and stock these healthier foods. Here is our power! HFS has been way over priced anyways and not all is healthy ventures. Unless they buy from larger corporations in bulk, they have a hard time existing but no more. The other smaller HFS products are not rotating product, as they ought because of the lack of consumers turn over. They are not paying local organic grower enough to bring in fresh local produce either so it is not for us cost effect.
The regular rotation is most critical with eggs and other produce that get spoiled more easily with salmonella passing it on to us who buy them then we have to treat its fungi to get well. This happens a lot! Do not ever eat runny yolk unless you went to the hen house that hour of the day!

The way to afford organic food is to keep meals simple and just use basic foods. However, use the best complex organically grown staff of life, whole wheat and grains i.e. Breads are still our staff of life and a basic. They are not making you fat unless you’ve alternated them. Having wealth cannot buy health. It’s false premise, including any special so-called exotic miracle cure-all herbal formulas invented by the ignorant herbal HF marketers of our times. It will not proving out in the end, then their on to another cure all to make them richer, and you're their next pon.

Theirs not enough good organically grown foods in our super markets even for all the sick persons in the US. Raise an organic garden, do your research on the how’s and where to get organic seeds. Get rid of nonsense out of your life, get in touch with nature, and get real! Encourage companies to change, like buying from good companies such as Tillamook Cheese Co. in Oregon who is dropping the Rbgh in their dairy products. In addition, even Starbucks is getting rid of this poison by the end of the year! Reward them with your voteing of buying power.
And, to get rid of this same poison then don’t buy from companies who have an affiliation with Monsanto biotech Giant Corporation (since 1993) who produces this artificial growth hormone making more than 270 million a year hiring their own giant lobbyist and reporting their own health effects. Canada re did their research with mice and found the opposite result. They Lied!

1. Count how many growth hormones (or fat hormones) you are daily ingesting. It would be a better measure of today’s obesity problems. We should pressure Washington to spell it out more on the labeling of these rsbp in our foods. Corporations such as Monsanto are who are paying their lobbyist billions to keep this information off labels it would cut into their stocks and profits. Other countries have to make GMO foods available to their consumers.
2. These hormones such as birth control pill (in water supplies)
3. In all insulin’s is hormones
4. All dairy products (how much in each serving) Includes all milk, cheese, etc., unless organically labeled. Eat LOW FAT DAIRY...This cuts back on these hormones.
5. All Meats, especially bigger chickens, turkeys, pork, beef i.e. even if canned or packaged.
6. Kevin Trudeau. Weight hormone in urine shots i.e.
7. Water (especially in larger populated areas where they recycle the water, the birth control pill is predominate. It’s no wonder many cannot get pregnant.
8. Women’s hormone pills i.e. (effect the fish life and maybe cause of gay health too)
9. Packaged foods not label all organically grown should not be eaten by the sick. Raise your own organically grown gardens. Think ahead and trade with neighbors.
10. Eggs, a bi product of hormonal just polluted chickens…
11. Others, Drugs, Hair products are mostly chemicals.
Then total the amount of these synthetic hormones daily just like adding up calories…and here the biggest clue to weight problems today.
Bottom Line: Let all the unbelievers and corporation family's buy the inorganic butters and their own GMO foods, but they don't.
All Organic is not such as;"Aurora," with $100 million in annual sales, provides milk that is sold as organic and packaged as private label, store-brand products for some of the nation's biggest chains, including Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Safeway, Wild Oats, and about 20 others.
Independent investigators at the USDA concluded earlier this year that Aurora-with 5 dairy facilities in Colorado and Texas, each milking thousands of cows-had 14 "willful" violations of federal organic regulations. One of the most egregious of the findings was that from December 5, 2003, to April 16, 2007, the Aurora Dairy "labeled and represented milk as organically produced, when such milk was not produced and handled in accordance with the National Organic Program regulations..."
Different approach and history... Here is a link that covers what I have not, because cannot cover everything is why we have links. The other side of the margarine story...

Japan says no to all GMO foods.
Safeway Super Market: Safeway, Chipotle Chains Dropping Milk; Dairy Derived from Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone This news is because of you my dear friends...keep up the pressure!
Organic Gardening Magazine was my teacher to gardening and living organically for years when I was raising 5 children on an small farm in the city.
Disclaimer: Consult your health professional for any medical advice.
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